Environmental, Social
and Governance

Environment & Society

We at Shalimar Group are committed to add value to the environment and society through various projects. Our group’s sustainability goals include:

  • Creating a safer, healthier, and greener environment.
  • Uplifting the weaker sections of society.

Therefore, our initiatives are divided into two broad categories:

  • Environmental Initiatives to safeguard the environment by undertaking effective projects
  • Social Initiatives to cater to societal needs (CSR Initiatives)

Bio Gas

In order to meet the company’s renewable energy and sustainability goals, we have set up  bio gas units at our processing plant at Galsi as well as in various farms. Poultry waste is used to generate methane gas which is used as energy.

Solar Plant

With a view to reduce electricity costs and carbon footprint, we aim to set up solar plants up to 3000 KW by the year 2023. Currently,  1500 KW capacity solar plants are operational at different locations. 

Water Management & Recycling

Being true to our policy of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle most of our manufacturing units operate on the principle of recycling water. As such ETP and STP plants ensure proper treatment of water which is then reused for various purposes like aqua culture, gardening, washing and sanitation.