Our Group At
A Glance

Our Roots

Shalimar Group, a pioneer in the Poultry Industry of West Bengal, was established as a poultry feed manufacturing company in the year 1970 when it launched its poultry feed under the iconic brand name SONA.

Rooted in tradition and embracing advancement through inspiring innovation, this Group has gone from strength to strength in evolving from the traditional business of poultry feed milling to encompassing all aspects of poultry business like broiler breeding, hatching, broiler integration, environmentally controlled farming, chick distribution, broiler chicken processing, institutional processed chicken sales and wholesale of table eggs and retailing of processed chicken and branded eggs.

Growth and Diversification

We are constantly evolving to keep pace with the ever changing demands of a galloping economy like India in a competitive global scenario. We have diversified into businesses like Poultry Feed under the brand SONA, Aqua Feed under the brand NSF, Soya under the brand TOTAL GOLD, Dairy under the brand ADYA, and FMCG and Retail under the brand TOTAL. We aim to provide India with the best quality nutrition in the form of eggs, chicken, soyabean oil, soya products, milk and dairy products and play an important role in building a healthier and happier Nation by catering to both urban and rural requirements.

Our Group at a Glance

Know Our Team

Our team comprises skilled top management, dedicated employees who have shared the group's vision and mission since its inception, veterinarians, and experienced technical personnel who ensure that all the parameters of production adhere to stringent quality, and fresh new talent who will enhance our vision for the future.